Location: Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church
2800 Cheltenham Ave. Phila., PA 19150
Day/Date: Every Saturday
Time: 6:45pm-8:30pm
(Prior registration required to attend all courses)
Contact: John Glover Office:
Email: cmi3gi@gmail.com

CMI-Soaring-to-Success Program includes:

Workshops, seminars, webinars and ongoing, personalized, one-on-one coaching. Also, coming soon, LIVE sessions. CMI-s2s offers a range of personal development and empowerment seminars, all of which incorporate an “intergenerational” philosophy. Specific courses include:

Personal Financial Literacy Program:

Assists individuals in helping to manage their finances, become debt-free, create, grow, and transfer generational wealth.


Credit Counseling Program:

One on one counseling sessions for the purpose of improving your personal credit and financial profile.


Final Expense and Insurance Plans:

Helps you to understand the importance of having a “guaranteed” strategy in place to cover your final expense needs and a plan to leave a legacy for your family.


Home Buyers Program:

Features federally insured banking partners. Designed to increase home ownership opportunities for potential home buyers.


Soaring-to-Success Program

The Christian Men Inc.- Soaring-to-Success (CMI-s2s) Program offers a comprehensive curriculum that is holistic, innovative and transformational. The CMI-Soaring-to-Success provides on-site (and coming soon, “LIVE” on-line) access for registered participants.

The ultimate goal of each course is to help participants, soar-to-success, in all areas of life, including: PERSONAL, FAMILY, FINANCE, CAREER, HEALTH, CIVIC and FAITH. Completion of the CMI-s2s curriculum will help to create a community of families that are working to build a legacy for future generations. 

CMI is marketing and delivering the CMI-s2s program through CMI, its affiliates and strategic partners.  Currently, the CMI-Soaring-to-Success courses are being offered at the following site: Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, (Philadelphia, PA) a site which is being used for onsite classroom training, seminars, workshops and webinars. Also, CMI- s2s will use social media in the marketing of this program to maximize its reach to the business community and the at-large community.

The CMI-Soaring-to-Success program will serve as a “one stop” model for developing and empowering participants by providing access to resources and personalized “success” building services. The purpose is to help transform the lives of individuals, families and communities.

Christian Men Inc.-Soaring-to-Success
2016 Workshops:
(A pre and post assessment tool is used to measure the progress of each participant.)


We Are Family, 4Ever


Managing your Money - Part I
Final Expense Planning
Improving Your Credit - Part I
Insurance Planning - Part I
10 Steps to Buy a House - Part I


Making a Healthier You


Writing a Winning Resume


10 Creative Ways to Volunteer


Be A Better You!


My Utmost for His Highest


The 3-Generation Initiative (3Gi)


Infiniti Wealth Institute

Christian Men Inc. (CMI) – A Philadelphia faith-based, 501c3 IRS recognized charitable organization. The Christian Men, Inc. - “3-Generation Initiative” is an inter-generational, mentoring program, created by and for, men and boys, ages 7-80. The 3-Generation Initiative is being developed in real time with the support of individual teams of 12, composed of youth, adult and senior. Please email us at: cmi3gi@gmail.com or visit our website: www.cmi3gi.org or contact us by phone: 267.314.PRAY (7729) Ask for John Glover.